getting started: At L. Newman Associates / Paul Mansnack, Inc., you receive an initial meeting at the site to access the size and complexity of the project.  Afterwards, we prepare a proposal describing the scope of the project and the projected fees.  Once the proposal has been accepted and L. Newman Associates / Pul Mansback, Inc. receives 50% of the design phase fee, we will return to the site to begin measuring the existing conditions.  In the mean time, we ask that our clients take this time to review their needs and wants.  The gathered information is the outline of the finished design, therefore the more information the better.

schematic design: In this phase of the design process, L. Newman Associates / Paul Mansback, Inc. explores two or three possible design directions.  Each scheme is printed on a translucent paper overlaid the existing plan.  We find this is helpful for clients to see the changes being made.  These schemes are ideas only, nothing is set in stone.  Once each scheme is discussed the next phase can begin.

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