paul mansback
Paul Mansback has been actively involved in the design, construction, and landscaping of buildings for over 20 years.  He earned his Bachelor's of Science in Forrestry from Syracuse University where he also received a Bachelor's in Landscape Architecture.  After spending a year in Italy studying design,  Paul moved to the Manchester area in the 1980s and was awarded a grant from the city of Manchester to develop a master plan for the city's parks.  He has always been involved with the community for which he lives. 

While working as a docent for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Zimmerman House here in Manchester,  where Paul met Lelsie Rifkin.  The two combined their ideas to create what is now L. Newman Associates / Paul Mansback, Inc.  In June of 1999, Paul and Leslie purchased the building their firm was located in on Elm Street.  After an exhausting renovation, which was finally completed in the fall of 2005, the building now serves as a home to many different types of businesses and has also won a Historic Preservation Award from Manchester’s Historic Association.  Paul also completed a renovation to Dean Avenue, the only remaining pedestrian street of Manchester historical district and won an award for best improved outdoor space from Intown Manchester.  Paul takes pride in all the work he is involved in.

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