leslie rifkin
Leslie Rifkin, co-owner of L. Newman Associates / Paul Mansback, Inc. and accomplished designer in the Northeast has been working with clients for over 20 years.  As the daughter of a prominant designer in the Boston area, Leslie began developing her skill with colors, textures and materials at a young age. Leslie pursued a career in Interior Design after receiving her design certificate from the University of New Hampshire.  She began seeing clients in the Bedford, New Hampshire area soon after opening up her first firm, Leslie Rifkin Interiors.  She met Paul Mansback while working as a docent for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Zimmerman House here in Manchester.  The two collaborated their creativity to form what is now L. Newman Associates / Paul Mansback, Inc.  Once settling into the office at 832 Elm Street, not only was she a practicing Interior Designer, but also began a home furnishings boutique at the Elm Street location.  Leslie along with Paul purchased the building where their office was located and began doing a major renovation, which eventually won them a Historic Preservation Award.  Along with running a successful firm, Leslie has also been involved with many showhouses throughout southern New Hampshire.  She has received many praises for her work done at The Grappone House and the Woodbury Cottage at the Bedford Village Inn.  Much of Leslie’s work can also be seen on the Bedford Kitchen Tour, a fundraiser for the Palace Theater here in Manchester.

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