philosophy cont.
Much of the design process is technical in nature; it is a route of developing the potential of a particular place and of the users’ relationship to it. At the most fundamental level, however, the design process is art. It is the means of bringing a place to life. We at L. Newman Associates / Paul Mansback, Inc. enjoy the process immensely and invite our clients to participate. Through collaboration, the pleasure of the process is shared and the best fit between the client and the design is achieved.

L. Newman Associates / Paul Mansback Inc. has no signature design style. The look and feel of each project emerges from the strengths of the existing context and personalities of the clients. In this way, each project is fresh and unique, avoiding design fads. The design approach, complemented by the careful selection of materials and attention to details, produces spaces that will always be valued as much in 50 years as they are today.


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